The 3-days Polio Vaccination Campaign in Faisalabad is set to commence from Oct 26, 2020 and will continue till October 28, 2020. 


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Clock Tower
The Clock Tower is one of the famous landmarks and oldest structures of Faisalabad. It was built in the center of the city by filling an old well. The Clock Tower is locally pronounced as “Ghanta Ghar” which means “an hour house”, due to the clock installed in it. The erection of this structure was strated on 14th November, 1903 by the British lieutenant governor of Punjab, Sir Charles Riwaz and the known local landlord of the Mian Family of Abdullahpur. It is located in the center of the city which is the oldest market of Lyallpur current Faisalabad with eight bazaars, that were planned on the design of Union Jack (British Flag) approved by Sir James Broadwood Lyall in 1880 (Governor of Punjab at that time). The Clock Tower was opened for the public by Sir Lewis Tupper, Financial Commissioner of the city on December 13, 1905.